The importance of touch

Do you know that babies die without any physical contact`? Touch is also very important for adults. Being isolated is weakening the body and the immune system, this can cause deseases. 

Loving mindful touch has many beneficial effects.

  • reduce of stress hormones
  • produce of endorphins ("happiness hormone")
  • support of the immun system
  • reduce of pain
  • prevention of deseases
  • activation of the nervus vagus

We have 12 cranial nerves and the vagus nerve is the longest one.  It is  part of the parasympathicus and has control over the inner organs. We can say that that the vagus nerve is giving us relaxation and recovery


  • deeply relaxation
  • happiness
  • balanced
  • feeling of being sheltered and protected

The meaning of cuddles:


energizing          soft      relaxing                proteced             essential need                   calming     

being in the Now         giving and receiving         Bliss

strengthening of the immune system                  warmth

connected      stopping thoughts          happiness      sheltered

healing of the inner child       activation of your own healing process

trust         to feel yourself             mindful         communication

           self-confidence                  international